Spice Up your Valentine’s Day



We LOVE Valentine’s Day! In preparation for the holiday, our team is in the process of creating some new cakes, cupcakes  and shortbread cookies which will have your special someone caught by surprise. 

In addition to our Valentine’s Day cakes, we have a lovely selection of sweets for your sweet. Take a look at some of the items from our Total Indulgence package below. What do you think?

Here are 3 tips to make this special day go smoothly:

– Plan ahead. Make sure you make reservations at a restaurant, order an amazing cake and ensure the florist has some roses left in stock for you. Don’t delay, do it now!

– Spend the time alone together. Don’t invite your mother, or friends to dinner on Valentine’s day. Respect your loved one and ensure your full attention is focused on them.

– No phones allowed. Resist the urge to take selfies or check your friend’s Facebook feed.