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Gluten-free options may have only gained popularity in the past few years, but Panne Rizo has been baking delicious, award-winning gluten-free breads and desserts since 1998. With over 15 years of experience producing award-winning baked goods, Panne Rizo has the experience needed to assure that your family will be getting healthy foods of the highest quality. There is nothing better than an occasional dessert for the soul, but at Panne Rizo, we pride ourselves on baking desserts that are also good for the body.


The café not only uses gluten-free flours, but also exclusively all-natural ingredients and non-hydrogenated oils. Since we solely produce gluten-free baked goods, you are assured that there is no cross-contamination, which can be a risk at regular bakeries with gluten-free options. This means that whether you a Celiac or simply trying to eat healthier, you can enjoy Panne Rizo’s products worry-free.


Panne Rizo proves that healthy desserts don’t have to sacrifice flavor. One bite of our moist bread or delicate shortbread cookies, and you would never believe they are gluten-free. The secret of our success is that we have had years to perfect our recipes to assure that every cake, bar, pie and cookie on our menu is handcrafted to the highest standards. In fact, our cakes are better than most traditional cakes that you can find in normal bakeries!


You will not only love our desserts, but also the offerings from our deli menu. Panne Rizo offers a variety of options daily. Selections range from hot chicken potpies to creamy macaroni and cheese to more traditional café classics, like paninis and soups. You can even get crepes gluten-free! Even if you aren’t on a gluten-free diet, we encourage you to try our bakery today. Panne Rizo’s food makes everyone want to eat gluten-free all the time!

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