Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is everything in the store gluten free and wheat free? What flours do you use?

A. Yes, Everything in all our stores is 100% gluten free. We use a variety of different flours including rice, chickpea, sorghum, potato, corn, tapioca, amaranth and more.

Q. Do I need to worry about cross contamination?

A. No, we are a 100% dedicated gluten free facility with our own ventilation system. In addition noone is allowed to bring in gluten containing products from adjacent businesses in our dining room.

Q. Is there anything Dairy free or Vegan?

A. Yes, over half our store is dairy free and we also have multiple vegan items. Some items can be made vegan or dairy free by placing a minimum order, inquire in store.

Q. Do you cater to added allergies (ex. Corn-free, Rice-free, Sugar-free, Paleo, etc)?

A. Yes, please inquire for the specific product. We are willing to substitution ingredients in our products as long as you meet our minimum order requirements (vary from item to item)

Q. Do you have cakes?

 A. Yes we do. We strongly encourage pre-ordering cakes 3-4 days in advance to ensure the can be customized to your needs. However are willing to accommodate even same day orders as long as our schedule allows.

Q. Do I need to pre-order or come early to get things?

A. Yes. We make our products in small batches to ensure the freshest and highest quality we can provide to you. If you really need a product please call in to ensure it is available.

Q. Do you give out your recipes?

A. No, our recipes are proprietary recipes. We have an amazing all-purpose flour that is our special blend of flours that can be substituted cup for cup in your favourite wheat recipes at home.

Q. Do you teach cooking classes?

A. We do not at this time, if we plan to do so in the future we will let our customers know.

Q. Whats the best bread?

A. All our breads are delicious; they are just different flavours. They are highly nutritious, as well as low in starch and sugar, our multigrain loaf is even only sweetened with honey. We strongly recommend trying all of them, so you can pick the one you like the best. Many times we offer samples, just inquire within the store.

Q. Is “…..” good?

 A. Everything in our store is just as good as regular wheat items or better, nothing is more popular than the other. Everyone has different tastes so everyone enjoys different products equally.

Q. Can I freeze things?

A. Yes, everything freezes well and nothing has preservatives.

Q. Do you have lunch/dinner options?

A. Yes, meat pies, paninis, soups and more. Please see our full menu for more details.

Q. Can I sit for lunch?

A. Yes, we serve lunch from open to close at our Kitsilano Cafe. In our Burnaby bakery you can only take pre-packages items for home consumption.

Q. Do you have coffee?

A. Yes, as well as tea and cold drinks, at our Kitsilano Cafe, In our Burnaby bakery there is no coffee or other beverages available.

Q. Do you do special items for holidays?

A. Yes, we have special items for all major holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas and we take pre-orders to ensure everyone gets exactly what they need.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes, we accept cash, debit, visa, mastercard and amex at all our location.

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