Thanksgiving Specials

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From Pumpkin pies, to turkey stuffing and other gluten free essentials for Thanksgiving.
Are you ready?

We have many seasonal items available to make this holiday
special for you, and your family.

Whether you are a celiac or it is a lifestyle choice,
we carry all your Thanksgiving baking needs.

Check out our pumpkin pies, turkey stuffing, butter tarts and more here.

Pumpkin Pie

Filled with a smooth custard-like filling that is gluten and dairy free. A delicious classic!

Apple Pie

A mouth-watering pie! The delicious crust is dairy free and melts in your mouth. Try it in the 6″ or 9″ sizes.

Turkey Stuffing

Vegetarian and Dairy Free: With cranberries, bread croutons and many seasonal veggies. Available in 1b packages. Place your order early to ensure availability.

Butter Tarts

Filled with toffee and walnuts, the butter tarts will blow you away.


Pre-Order and Save
50% off Stuffing

Order 2 (6″) pumpkin pies by September 30th
and get 1lb stuffing for 1/2 price!!!

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